Move HTML Content

In Solodev, moving HTML content is simple and at times, necessary. You can move HTML content anywhere in the web files directory, however, it cannot be moved into the www directory which is restricted to web pages.

Step 1 - Open your HTML File and click Move in the Action Bar

Step 2 - Select the folder from the right tree where you'd like to move the HTML file. Click Submit.

By clicking the "relink" checkbox, Solodev will automatically update the path of your file to wherever it is being moved.


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    Shelley Northrup

    Do you suggest moving entire folders or creating new folders and copying each file over? Thanks.

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    Scott Madara

    Hi Shelley--either method will work. Moving entire folders should save you considerable time, however. Do note that you may have to re-publish the files after moving. Please check the "Draft" and "Publish" version numbers of the files to ensure they match after the move. If the draft is higher, just go ahead and re-publish the file(s).

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