Designing your Website

Having a strong website design will keep users on your website and keep them engaged.

If you are designing your own website, we recommend starting with a design of your homepage as its color scheme and assets will likely trickle down through the rest of your website. If you are looking for a professional design agency, we recommend Solodev Launch--a complete design service to get your website up-and-running within Solodev.

Below are examples of modern website design with a homepage, sectional page and interior page displayed.


Your homepage is typically the most visible portion of your website. Accordingly, you should be close attention to its design as a visually stunning homepage can encourage further user behavior. Generally, many homepages have a "hero" section that contains a featured image or slider, content tiles that link to various top-level pages, informative content blocks, and a clear call-to-action.

Sectional Page

Sectional pages are your varous "top-level" pages, meaning they are one degree removed from your homepage or website root. Sectional pages act as hubs for a given web directory/folder, providing all of the necessary links to further explore a specific section. Further, sectional pages tend to have their own unique styling.

Interior Page

Interior pages tend to make up the bulk of a given website. These pages are streamlined to (1) provide content in a clear, accessible manner and (2) highlight the navigation of similar content. Interior pages generally are structured underneath sectional pages within a website hierarchy. They are additionally minimal in design elements, often featuring nothing more than a content block and occasionally sidebar navigation.


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