Website Meta Data

Solodev comes with a number of tools to boost your SEO ranking, site visibility, and help better market your website organically. In order to configure your website's meta information, open the root of your website by clicking the globe icon next to your domain name. Click Update Website.

Note: In the fields below you can add meta information that will dynamically render across every page of your website. If managing multiple websites, you can rank which order your websites appear in. You can then add a site title that will appear on all pages of your site.

Underneath the site title field are two social media fields intended for social meta information. When filled out, Solodev dynamically creates Twitter and Facebook meta information for each and every page of your website, furthering your SEO visibility beyond search and across the social stratosphere.

Click on the Meta Information Tab below and the accordion will expand. You can add your Global HTML tag as well as any header inserts you want included on every page of your website. As you can see below, I declared HTML and included jQuery and Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript on my entire site.


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