Content & Pages in Solodev

In between the lines of code that make up every website is content. Website visitors don't land on your homepage to view your source code, they come to consume content. Solodev is built to reflect the separation between code and content, or in this case, content and pages since pages render all of your code to push public facing web pages live to your website where content simply lives in the web files folder, far from the eyes of the website visitor.

The relationship is integral to successful web development. Although your content in Solodev doesn't live in the root of your site (www), your content is on every single web page in addition to being housed in a separate directory (web files). Both directories should mimic one another with the web files folder displaying folders filled with HTML content and your www folder housing the same folder structure with one difference, instead of HTML content they are composed of web pages.

So what is the main difference between content and pages in Solodev?

  • Content is stored in HTML files.
  • Pages are public facing web pages composed of multiple HTML files.


Below are two HTML files in the web files directory.




Now I'd like to create a page by adding content (the two HTML files above) to a page.

Step 1 - Open the folder where you'd like to create the page. Click Add->Page

Step 2 - Name your page, select your parent category and click Save.


Step 3 - Click the drop zone until it turns blue

Step 4 - Select the first HTML file (dashboard.html) from the left tree. Click Publish.

Step 5 - Select the dropzone to the right of the navigation until it turns blue

Step 6 - Select the second HTML file (content.html) from the left tree. Click Publish.

Below is the completed page in the www directory containing both content files from the web files directory.


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