Forms in Solodev

Forms are one of the most essential components to any website and, within Solodev, play an even more important role.

Forms can be used on the frontend of your website, collecting valuable user data such as when used on a contact page. On the other hand, forms can be used in the Solodev backend where you can create custom user interfaces for datatables or calendars.

The following sections will help guide you in the use of forms within Solodev.

Using Forms

Forms are the foundation of the web and serve as the gateway for capturing and sending data from one location to another. Learn how you can create forms within Solodev.

Learn more about using forms in Solodev.

Website Forms

Website forms appear on the frontend of your website and allow your users to submit valuable data. The most common use of website forms is to receive a user's personal information on a contact page.

Learn more about website forms.

Module Forms

Module forms are forms in the back end of Solodev that power all Solodev modules. They specify the form fields that modules use to send and receive data. Module forms can be created just like website forms with the difference being that module forms are only visible in the back end of Solodev.

Learn more about module forms.


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