Website Forms Overview

Website Forms are what you would typically find on a website, such as a "Contact Us" form that captures a site visitor's data and sends it to your Solodev Module. Website Forms, however, can be used to capture any type of user-submitted data.

The following articles will show you how to set up some website forms (such as a contact form) and how to display them on the frontend of your site.

Creating a Contact Form

Nearly every website requires a contact form of some variety. This article will demonstrate how users can submit valuable contact information directly to a Solodev-powered datatable.

Learn more about creating a simple contact form.

Add Forms to Pages Using Shortcodes

Solodev has made the process of adding datatable-powered forms to your web pages extremely easy by providing an associated shortcode. The [form] shortcode dynamically pulls and displays your form by simply specifying the ID of the datatable-powered form.

Learn more about addings forms via a shortcode.


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