Add Forms to Pages Using Shortcodes

Solodev has made the process of adding datatable-powered forms to your web pages extremely easy by providing an associated shortcode. The [form] shortcode dynamically pulls and displays your form by simply specifying the ID of the datatable-powered form. In this article, we will cover how to add forms to your pages using shortcodes.

Step 1 - Find the ID of your Datatable-powered form

Step 2 - Add the shortcode to a file and add the datatable ID of "13" to the ID parameter

Step 3 - Navigate to the page where you'd like to place your form

Step 4 - Select the drop zone where you'd like to place your form, it will turn blue.

Step 5 - Select contact-us.tpl from the left tree and click Publish.

Whichever method you use to add forms to pages, the functionality remains the same. By using this method, we provided an option to quickly add existing forms by creating a shortcode with the ID parameter. By specifying our contact datatable ID of 13 in the shortcode, Solodev included the datatable-powered form in the page. Below is how this page would look on the front end of a website.


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