Header Keywords

Use Keywords in Headers

  • Think of your headers as hierarchical dividers. Use them consistently.
  • The only official rule about headers is that the higher the level, the more prominently they should be displayed.

Don’t use keywords where they don’t make sense. It is their natural and consistent use that is rewarded. Don’t repeat keywords endlessly and meaninglessly, such as in a small font or with the same color as the background. This is called spamming and can get you banned from search engines' results.

Listing Explicit Keywords

You can explicitly tell search engines exactly what your page is about by specifying a list of relevant keywords in the Meta Keywords field of the STML file. Use a combination of very unique and more general words to describe the contents of your page. using a greater number of words is not necessarily better either. The closer you match what a prospective visitor types (with no extra words), the higher up you’ll get listed in the search results.


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